Deal management is about the processes and practices which enable an investment strategy to be carried out. The objective is to manage the complex sales pipeline standards, standardize processes and improve deal quality.

To establish a successful deal-management process, it is essential to be aware of the responsibilities and objectives of each part of the sales cycle. Also, make sure these roles have clear handoffs. This ensures that the correct individuals are working on the correct deals and that their roles don’t overlap too significantly. This can cause confusion or conflict, which can ultimately slow down sales processes.

A good deal-management process should also have a specific timeframe for each stage, along with the criteria that must be met to move on to the next stage. This will enable teams to identify any bottlenecks and then take steps to overcome them. A solid process should provide for a consistent communication among all parties involved in the transaction, including external partners such as brokers or investment managers.

In a highly complex environment there are a variety of people involved in the sales process. This is especially true in the mid-market and enterprise segment with multiple decision makers features, requests for feature, critical dependencies, and more. To manage these deals, you need more control and visibility. A technology solution like Revenue Grid can provide this level of control and visibility to ensure that the right people are in the place they should be.

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