iDeals is among the most efficient platforms to manage corporate files, and making it easier to manage complex M&A transactions. It helps you save time, money and space on the storage, organization, and handling paper documents. This tool can be utilized at any stage of an organization’s operations by small and large businesses.

The platform has a number of advanced features, including customizable workflows and Q&A roles. It also includes watermarks on documents, spreadsheet encryption as well as multiple views (Fence Views, View Excel with Formulas, View Excel Without Formulas) and detailed tracking that shows the time each user spends working on particular pages or documents. Its search function detects complete and partial matches. It can work on folders, documents including PDFs, images, or even PDFs. It also lets you create the structure of your folder and organize the documents in a way that allows users to navigate through them.

It is crucial to have a dependable customer service team and be able to utilize the dataroom on a variety of devices. Choose a provider who offers its services all hours of the day, and offers live chat, phone support or email in a variety of languages.

Users can invite users in bulk via an excel spreadsheet or an Excel spreadsheet. They can configure permissions for each user and groups, including access to documents and the Q&A area, and how often they receive updates on new uploads. They can also include security features such as two-step authentication that requires the use of a password and a unique code sent via SMS or authenticator applications on the device of the user to ensure data integrity.

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